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Bhaktapur Travel Information

Bhaktapur, also known as a bhadgaon is the third major city in the valley. Bhaktapur is very interesting place to see old things. we can see old type of temple, monastery, country yards and monumental squares and the site streets are peppered with shrines. The lack of the traffic makes walking through bhaktapur a particular pleasure. The town's cultural life is also vibrant, with b communities of potters, weavers and woodcarvers. The oldest part of the town is around tachupal tole to the east. Bhaktapur was the capital of the valley during 14th to 16th centures.

Bhaktapur rise up on the northern bank of the hanumante river. Bhaktapur is basically a pedals train's city, public buses stop at navpokhu pokhari on the western edge od town and tour buses stop at the tourist bus park. Both are a short walk from the heart of the city for visitors. It is really a town of one curving road which links several square then tamaudi tole with famous five story nyatapola temple then to tachupal tole.

Entrance fee is required to enter bhaktapur. US 10$ for foreign nationals tourist and RS 50 for SAARC national and Chinese tourist To enter Bhaktapur. Bhaktapur entry fee collect at over a dozen place of the city. on the larger street, there are ticket booth. If you are staying in bhaktapur up to week, you need pay the entrance fee once but you most tell at the time of buying the ticket. for longer staying up to one year then visitor pass is available within a week of purchasing your entry ticket. Pass are issued by the bhaktapur municipality on the western end of durbar square and require to supply two photo and photocopy of your visa and passport. There are many sightseeing place.

Place to visit in bhaktapur

Bhaktapur durbar square:-

Bhaktapur's durbar square is much larger then kathmandu's, much less crowded with temple then patan's and less vibrant then either. it sit in the west of bhaktapur

Erotic elephant temple:-

just before you enter the bhaktapur durbar square, pause for a little bit newari humour, on right, about 70m before the main durbar square entrance gate, is tiny double roofed shiva and parvati temple with some erotic carving on its temple struts. There are copulating animal's including elephant in the missionary position. it is the erotic elephant temple

King bhupatindra mall's column :-

king bhupatindra malla was the best known of malla kings of bhaktapur and had great influence of the art and architecture of the town. Like the similar column in patan's durbar square. This column is copy of original in kathmandu. The king sits with folded arms, studding the magnificent golden gate to his palace.

Ugrachandi bhairab statues:-

When enter the durbar square from the west passing by an entry gate we can see two large stone lines built by king bhupatindra malla. on the northern wall are statues of the terrible bhairab and equally terrible ugrachandi durga. The fearsome manifestation of shiva's consort parvati. The statues built date is 1701. Ugrachandi has 18 arms holding various tantric weapons and symbols. She is in the act of casually killing a demon with a trident. Bhairab has 12 arms. both god and goddess are garlanded with necklaces of human heads

Batsala durga temple and talaje bell:-

Beside the king's statue and directly in front of the royal palace is the stone vatsala durga temple which was built by king jagat parkash malla in 1672. The shikhara style temple has some similarities to the krishna temple in patan. infront of the temple there is big taleju bell which was erected by king jaya malla in 1737

Bhaktapur Royal Palace:-

Bhaktapure's royal palace was founded by yaksha malla and was added to by successive kings, Particularly bhupatindra mall as with the old palace of kathmandu and patan.

National art gallery:-

The western end of the palace has been made in to at art gallery. The entrance to the is flanked by figures of hanuman the monkey god and god vishnu as narayan, his man lion incarnation. these guardian figures date from 1698 and hanuman appears in tantric from as the four armed hanumab bhairab. The gallery has a collection of Hindu and Buddhist paintings, palm, leaf manuscripts, thankas and metal, stone and wood crafts. it is the best of the town's three museums.

Golden get and 55 window palace:-

Adjoining the gallery, the magnificent golden gate is the entrance to the 55 window palace. The golden gate is generally agreed to be the most important piece of art in the whole valley. The gate and 55 window palace were built by king Bhupatindra malla but were not completed until 1754 during the reign of ranjit malla.

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